Fook Factor Interior Designers Pretoria - Philosophy Toggle


Fook Island created by South African artist Walter Batiss, is an abstract realm, a mythical environment where anything is possible. It proclaimed that creative expression is a necessary component of societal stability – that art enables us to retain a sense of values and to preserve our vision of a better world.


Factor is an ever present vibration which occurs through mental stimulations to create or assemble new diversities in daily events, decisions and situations.


Interior design is more than the creation of exotic spaces & eccentric furniture – It defines who we are, how we live and what we aspire to. As Interior architects, we observe and study the multitude of patterns man produce as they interact with spatial environments. This knowledge enables us  to manipulate the human’s response to their surroundings.

Shaping how individuals live, work, relax and respond to their surrounds, ie. creating YOUR OWN UNIQUE ‘Fookism’  is our central focus and passion!