Interior-designInterior design is made up of various projects that result in turning an interior space into an effective setting for daily activities.  These interior spaces can range from corporate spaces to retail or residential spaces.  Interior design is also concerned with visual as well as ambient enhancement and also seeks to optimize and harmonize the various aspects of the given space.

Interior design is made up of many different activities such as material sourcing, planning, designing and budgeting. Interior design is also closely linked with architecture, structural engineering and building.

Aspects such as the space itself, dimensions and construction will all have an impact on the final product.  An effective design must be both practical and time-less.

At Fook Factor we provide services to help each customer determine and achieve their own unique style and functionality.  We handle every part of the designing process, from the planning to the completed project. We can turn your dream space into a reality while sticking to your budget.

Fook Factor aims to satisfy all client needs by ensuring functional, stylish and practical designs that will accomplish business or personal goals.