spaceplanningSpace planning is very important for the workflow of your office or house. A professional space planner will evaluate the space and determine the best possible arrangement. The space planner can either assess the current building or find a new location better suited for the company’s needs.  We use computer aided drafting programs which allow the planner to establish how to best utilize the space and manipulate different layouts.

A space planner is responsible for translating the needs of the client into a practical and functional area. Space planners know how to read blue pints and schematics. Using these plans, it is possible to determine how much space is available and how best to utilise it. Other useful information can be selected from the blueprints, such as where fire exits, heating and cooling elements and stairways are placed.

Other implications of space planning are costs. Before any furniture is moved or a wall removed, the cost implications have to be determined. Many different plans and layouts can be suggested and a cost effective option can be chosen. The option that best suites the client’s needs should be used.