working-drawingsWorking drawings may be used to give a detailed description of the current state of your experimental apparatus and as common graphics in oral design reviews. Working drawings may be highly detailed and may present exact specifications. Identify working drawings with an explicit title and the date and be sure to show tolerances and exact measurements and, if necessary, a scale of measurement on all figures.

As-built drawings are the final set of drawings produced at the completion of the project. They include all the changes that have been made to the original construction drawings, including notes and any other information that the builder decides should be included. The original drawings are typically produced using computer-aided design software.

To understand how as-built drawings are created, it is helpful to understand the process of developing construction drawings. The developer of a project will hire an architect to design the building. These design professionals will use the owner’s ideas and requirements to create construction drawings for the project. Once the owner has approved these plans, they are submitted to the local permitting agency to obtain building permits. This final set of plans is often known as the “permit set” or “100% construction drawings.”

As the builder begins work on the project, he will use the construction drawings to lay out walls, run electrical wiring and construct the remainder of the building. During this process he may run across unforeseen conditions that require items to be installed differently than they are shown on the plans. For simple changes, he will often simply work the problem out himself and note the changes on his set of building plans

We can also assist with emergency evacuation layouts and sapoa rental diagrams. All these drawings are colour coded for easy understanding